For Marketing Agencies

Would you like to generate extra recurring monthly income from your current customers without doing extra work yourself?

Ever thought about boosting the lifetime value of your customers?

Perhaps you are building websites or funnels for a one-off payment, but you were thinking about how to turn it into recurring monthly income. Or maybe you manage advertising campaigns and wish to enhance client retention while generating additional revenue. If that sounds like you, let's talk.

If you believe your customers may benefit from improved email marketing, we have the offer.

If email marketing is not currently part of your service, why not offer it to your customers? We will handle all the work, provide monthly services, and pay you a commission each month your customer uses our services.

How it works

Something like an affiliate program, only better

Step 1

Make a giveaway

Offer your clients a bonus worth £1394 in services from us, provided for free.

Step 2

Clients gets value

Your client will get our no obligation, consultations and service.

Step 3

Recurring income

When they switch to our paid service, you will receive 20% recurring commissions.

We offer two collaboration variants:

1) We can operate as a sub-service provider, where you communicate with your client, and we fulfill the orders for you.

2) Alternatively, you can introduce us directly to your client. We provide services to them, and as long as they remain a paying customers, you receive your commission.

Of course, you may have questions - let's chat!

Our services

Email Strategy Mapping Session

Don't reinvent the wheel; learn from what works for others, and find the right strategy for you.

Nurturing Email Campaign Copy

Cultivate strong relationships with your audience by consistently delivering valuable insights.

Triggered Email Sequences Copy

Our secret weapon for boosting conversions triggered by specific customer journey events.

Book - Email Strategy Mapping Session

Looking for a proven way to increase profits from your email list? Book personalized advice and grow your business today.

£ 397 / 40-minute session.

Rightvert Ltd. fuels growth for education businesses with email marketing, including: advice, planning and copywriting.

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