Why You Should Start Making Money Online

Start typing "How to" in the google search bar and see what comes up. One of the first predictions is: "How to make money" or "How to make money online".
This tells you that you are not alone wondering how you can earn an income by simply using the internet and a cellphone or laptop.

In this blog post, we'll be touching on two main reasons to consider learning how to make money online. Both of these can be avoided when you start making enough money online to quit your day job. 

The two reasons are commuting and workplace stress.

If you need more guidance, check out this easy guide on how to start your online career.

Commuting and traffic

Did you know that people in Los Angeles spend around 102 hours in traffic per year? Now granted, it isn't necessarily all during their commutes to work, but this number is staggering. These are full days of the year sitting in traffic or driving to a job you potentially hate!
Follow this link to check out Clockify's website for some more statistics.

By making money online, you can work from anywhere. You are in charge of your time. You can spend these extra days working on your side hustle and work towards the thing that every moneymaker yearns for—passive income!

Workplace stress

Along with the stress that comes with traffic, workplace stress adds to the amount of stress people experience. Various studies show that job stress is one of the main reason for stress in American adults. The biggest cause of stress among Americans is workload, which amounts to about 46%.

With an online hustle, you can mitigate this by defining your own workload. You'll also enjoy the work you do more because the amount you put in is directly related to the amount of cash in your pocket at the end of the month.

Juggling work and personal life is also a big cause of stress, coming in at 20%. How do you combat this? You guessed it, by working for yourself and making money online.

By having an online hustle going, you define your own schedule, which means that your time management is up to you.

Check out stress.org's statistics on stress in Americans by following this link for more information.

You know how dangerous stress can be and how negatively it can impact your life, so why not mitigate it by making money online and eventually quitting your day job.

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