Why you should move your business online

2021 has given us tools unthought-of only a decade ago. Tools that can drastically influence the success of your business.

We now have the chance to move our businesses online fairly easily. Best of all is that we can do it on our own. Having someone to guide you through the process makes it much easier.

There are a few reasons why you should consider moving your business online.

Wider Reach

With tools such as social media marketing, you can cater your content to a specific demographic. With Facebook ads, you can define your audience to make sure that the people who you want to engage with your business, sees your ads.

You no longer need to hope for feet through the door. You show people the door and hold it open for them. 

You can promote your traditional business

With social media and a website, you can create longer content which gives you the opportunity to engage with customers for longer. You're not limited by your ability to promote your business in person or in print, you can chat to people and give them information about your business that convinces.

You can share your location online and promote your offline store in a way that tantalises. This way you can get more people to your offline store who know exactly what you do and what to expect.


Moving your business is affordable in the sense that you can do it all yourself. Simply find and choose a guide to point you in the right direction.

You can build your own website, run your own social media and even create your own graphics.

There are so many websites and tools to make the process easier that you no longer need to pay large agencies to do the heavy lifting.

Read more on the reasons for moving online by checking out The Drum's website here.

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