What Type of Content to Add to Your Website

Adding good content to your website is crucial when you move your business online. One of the key aspects to remember is trust. You want to instil trust in your product, and for this, there are a few techniques to use. Here's your checklist on 'Essential Checkpoints For A High-Performing Landing Page'.

Reviews and testimonials

Product feedback and testimonials, including case studies, help marketers create confidence in their target markets.

Consumers trust product reviews on the internet 80% of the time, particularly when they are written and shared by customers. Encourage loyal customers to post good reviews to attract new customers.

A guide is a comprehensive and lengthy piece of material. Consider it a long blog post. It goes above the typical blog post's length, theme, and approach.

A guide shows the reader that you are very confident in your product and that you're well equipped to answer any question related to it easily. Check out how we created our guide, here.

Don't be afraid to highlight your opinion.

This post differs significantly from the usual blog post, mostly due to its sound. You may be accustomed to publishing a thorough and well-researched analysis of a topic.

The rant or viewpoint, on the other hand, might be more powerful and articulate. The more passionate you are about your perspective, the more likely it is to be read and shared.

Passion shows confidence, and confidence encourages trust.

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