The Cost of Building a Website

So you've reached this phase of moving your business online. Congratulations! These are exciting times...
We know that you might be asking yourself the question on anyone's lips that's in the process of building a website. Let us tell you out of the gate that it is not as expensive as you might think. Please see our guide on how to take your business online and to the next level here.

There are various platforms that offer themes and templates that make it extremely simple to get a website up and running. You can do it yourself! All you need is a bit of patience to get used to the interface, but luckily we live in a world where you can find all the information you need on YouTube. And as always, RightVert is also here to help you every step of the way.

There are awesome easy to use website builders out there with many themes to choose from. The theme will act as a great starting point from which your vision of your website can be launched. Here are some examples:


Now for the answer to the question... With $200 you can build a website with all the features needed. Check out this guide on how to do it, here. With $200, you won't just get any 'ol run of the mill page, it will include crucial elements to ensure that your move online is as effective as possible. The $200 includes elements such as the domain, hosting, SSL certificates and much more.

This $200 is an average and you can get an effective website going for even less, depending on your budget and needs.

Follow this link for a more detailed layout of pricing and everything needed.

There are many ways to save money to keep initial costs as low as possible and by having a do it yourself approach, you'll find that you are capable of much more than previously thought. Get your checklist on 'Essential Checkpoints For A High-Performing Landing Page'.

Remember that RightVert is always here to help, so why not join our family to stay updated with all the tips and tricks that you will need. Unlock your potential and take ownership of your life now! Join us here.

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