Speaking to Your Audience Directly

Imagine opening a magazine and coming across an advert that speaks directly to you. The ad addresses all the issues you face in your daily life and allows you to address them.
Now imagine opening a magazine and coming across an advert that shouts generality. From the first line, you can see that it is an advert that only wants to promote a product and see you as nothing more than a potential buyer.

Which one would you be most likely to engage with?
This is a typical issue that traditional offline businesses face when creating a marketing strategy. The budget needed to create specifically targeted advertisements becomes massive when you factor in traditional marketing such as magazine adverts, billboards, and television spots cost.

Of course, you would opt to create a general advert that casts a wide net, and hope that the right people see it. Unfortunately, this generality is offputting and doesn't engage with the reader.

Don't fret. Even though there are instances where traditional marketing methods might be necessary, it is possible to create engaging advert without breaking the bank.

The internet has opened new avenues of engaging with your customers unthought of in previous years.

Have you ever googled a specific issue and then gone on Facebook only to be greeted by adverts promising to address this issue?

We know it could get quite annoying, but forget about your annoyance for one moment and think about what goes on behind the scenes. We have tools at our disposal to speak to specific individuals and address specific issues that they face.

With a well-structured ad campaign, you can send a message to exactly the type of person you want. Check out some of our proven to convert ad copy templates for lead generation, or for selling an online course.

Say your business sells pens made from recycled plastic. Instead of just creating an advert in a magazine that promotes stationary, you can create a Facebook ad campaign that promotes a message of the dangers of plastic for the environment and how your product helps combat it. You can then ensure that your message is seen by people who share this concern.

This is just one of the benefits of moving your business online.

If you want to take the leap and level up your business in 2021, RightVert is here to help!

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