Ready to Take Your Online Business to the World?

You’ve put in the hard yards, and your candles are black at both ends – time for your business’ grand online opening. Your website checklist here.

It looks amazing (nice colour choice), it’s fully stocked (wonder if that’s in my size?)…

Yep, your online store is finally set up to start doing business, and you’re ready to announce it to the world and…

Hold on – have you thought of everything?

How are you going to invite visitors to explore your services and products?

And is your site really, truly, thoroughly ready? We’re sure it is…

But we just thought we’d go over a few ‘reminders’:

Being Ready to Spread the Word.

Your web presence must be visible to your potential customer base. When they search for a solution, will your brand be in the results? Are you active on the right social media platforms? Have you done all you can to heighten your online visibility and can you measure the results?

There are 3 steps to improve your business’s visibility while launching.

1. Create an effective online marketing strategy
2. Understand how best to use digital platforms effectively
3. Optimize your Google Business listing (often overlooked but crucial for local businesses)

Create an Effective Online Marketing Strategy for Your Announcement

There are several things to keep in mind when you create a strategy for how you want to announce your business and define your brand. These include:

Audience Definition
Brand Voice

If you’ve done all that well, you probably read our tips for Analysing the Target Market for Your eCommerce Store.

Check out our proven-to-convert ad copy templates for inspiration.

How to Effectively Use Online Platforms to Announce a Business

Using Social Media to announce your business opening can be very effective but needs to be carefully considered. You will need to create content with the dates and details that customers need to know. This can include a series of social posts that you can schedule across platforms. Make this content fun and engaging with calls to action like “come & browse today” or “shop our new online store!”. That’s just us talking – use your own ‘voice.

There are many ways to use Facebook to announce your business opening creatively. Create an event for your Grand Opening and invite everyone you know, including your business page likes and followers.

Make sure to add plenty of Hashtags. Use popular hashtags, such as #shoplocal, #grandopening, or create your own branded hashtag to create buzz around your business. Can you have too many hashtags? You can do up to 30 on Instagram – but, if that’s crowding your caption, here’s a little trick: once you’ve published your post, click the speech bubble icon and include them in a comment. Much tidier, same effect.

Connection leads to conversion.

It’s well understood that social platforms are an ideal way to connect with your customers and listen to their feedback. Time for a bit of (legit) skullduggery: cruise various social platforms and interact with your potential customers there to get a handle on their needs and concerns. Then tailor your own content to show how you have the answer! Don’t think your competitors are doing this? Think again…

Email is another crucial tool to have in your online business opening arsenal. Hopefully, you’ve been gathering an engaged database (hey, that’s just given us a great idea for an upcoming blog – stay tuned…)

Time to run a Website Checklist

OK, you know what you should be doing to attract customers to your online business – what are they going to find when they get there? Have I missed something? Does it look trustworthy? Whatever you do, don’t panic. Do you think they launch spaceships without a checklist? Take a deep breath (a series of regular breaths is fine, too) and be a little methodical. Your checklist here.

Let’s run through a few important points:

Have you got a custom domain? No? Sorry, sorry… that’s ok – anyone could overlook that. Check our tips for Choosing an Awesome Domain Name. Moving on…

Have you gone through the checkout experience from go to whoa? Pretend you’ve never seen it before and buy something. Better still, get someone else who really hasn’t seen it to try it out.

Is your eCommerce set-up to Accept Online Payments? We’re sure we don’t need to emphasise how important this is…

Have you set up an analytics tool? It’ll be exciting at first to see people Coming To Your Store! But, ultimately, it’s going to prove an invaluable tool for tweaking and boosting conversions.

Have you sorted your follow-up emails? “Thanks – you’ve made a great purchase decision today…” OK – maybe not that cheesy – but, have you?

Did you include an FAQ Page? A well-thought-out FAQ page is genuinely useful to customers. That’s positive engagement right there. But also, because they address solutions to problems (hello Search), they can help your SEO.

Got a form to join your email list? This can have huge benefits – it doesn’t take much of a sweetener (like a pdf where you brag about how much you’re an authority on your niche) – and you’ve got someone actually looking forward to receiving your promotional messages.

We hope that’s stimulated you to give your site a top-to-bottom pre-launch performance inspection and get a ‘thumbs up, ready for take-off.

Take your business to the world with the help of a guide. This is where we come in. Join us by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page and take on the world!.’

Break a leg!

Good checklists are precise. They are efficient, to the point, and easy to use even in the most difficult situations. They do not try to spell out everything - a checklist cannot fly a plane. Instead, they provide reminders of only the most critical and important steps - the ones that even the highly skilled professional using them could miss. Good checklists are, above all, practical.

Atul Gawande, The Checklist Manifesto

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