It's Never Too Late – The Advantage of Age for the Online Entrepreneur

There’s a new generation of online entrepreneurs making their presence known, and it’s not who you might expect. One of the biggest groups of eCommerce start-ups is baby boomers.
So, if the kids are finally out of the house and are now doing their own thing – what does that mean for you? Opportunity!

But you don’t have to be an empty-nest parent with more time on your hands to capitalise on this opportunity.

The fact is that more and more people in the ‘mature’ age group are turning to online business and killing it.

And we’re not just trying to stroke your ego – as reported in Forbes, the average entrepreneur is 40 years old when they launch their start-up, and people over 55 are twice as likely as people under 35 to launch a high-growth start-up.

Indeed, the average age of a successful start-up with over $1 million in revenue was 39.

How to Use Age to Your Advantage

There are many definite, measurable advantages to being an older adult starting a business.

Beat ageism - For a start, you can thumb your nose at ageism and take back control over your next phase in life.

Better prepared - With maturity comes a realistic attitude. A lifetime of past experience makes you better able to tackle new experiences. You’ve seen first-hand what approaches work, which ones don’t, and can apply that wisdom.

Better connected – The more time you’ve spent in the workforce or simply in the community, the more likely you to have an established network to support you.

Better head for finance – You’ve had years of following your own financial advice and balancing all the important figures. You’re equipped to face what many younger start-ups fear.

You’ve probably built a good credit rating too. If it comes to injecting funds into your new venture, banks will be more willing to help rather than it coming from your own pocket.

It’s never too late - but right now is better than ever.

It’s never been easier to explore eCommerce options. Website builders, smartphones, and social media platforms are becoming simpler to use and more intuitive all the time. If you'd like some ideas, have a look at our free guide on how to start.

Don’t fancy launching your own site? You could try selling products online through a marketplace or platform like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. There’s enormous flexibility when you don’t need a physical retail location.

Think about those things you’ve always wanted to do; there are easily-accessed online courses for just about any new skill you desire.

Or simply follow your passions. There could be a business concept hidden in that hobby. The truth is, you are much more likely to stick with something you love to do.

You have time, knowledge, and experience that is the envy of younger entrepreneurs – put it to good use, try something new and seize that opportunity.

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