How to Find the Perfect Product

Starting an online business has a timeline of steps you need to follow. Each step needs to be executed well in order for this venture to be successful.

If you're looking to start an online business, the first step is to find an awesome product or service. There are so many businesses offering the same products and services, so we understand that you could easily just copy one of theirs.

Now while this might look like a good idea, the sustainability of this approach is questionable. The reasons are twofold.

One. Entering an oversaturated market means that the competition is very high. Your competitors already have their platforms ready and you're going to need to compete with these established players.

Using Google Trends is a great way to find trends and use them to find your product. Click on this link for some tips on how to use this platform.

The key is to find a consistent trend and not one that burns bright for a short time and fizzles out. Fidget Spinners spiked in May of 2017, but as quickly as interest in this product jumped, it fell. Many online businesses who were just a bit late to the party used time and resources pursing a product that had a declining appeal.

Do your research and find something with a long shelf life. Chasing new trends is like betting big in a casino. It can be very successful if you find the product, but you're going to have to realise that your business will have a short life span.

To find a product that has constant interest and marketing it in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd, will mean that your business will be more sustainable and this brings us to the next point.

Two. Working hard initially and growing your business incrementally will eventually lead to a self sustaining business that would require a much less hands on approach day to day. This will give you more time to travel and do the things that you love, while offering you a stream of income that is more passive.

With all this said, the choice is yours. You can chase big numbers that would require constant work and research, or decide to grow your business at a steady pace and eventually enjoy a self-sustaining business.

The most important part is just to start. By embarking on this journey, you will unlock your potential. You'll learn new things and find out that you have a real knack for some of the pillars of a successful business. The time is now. Take ownership of your life!

RightVert will be with you every step of the way!

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