The Importance of Really Defining Your Target Audience

Perhaps you are just starting your online business, or you have had your business for a while, but you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for.
Either way, it is so important to (really) define who your target audience is.


If you do not (really) know who your customer is, how will you know how to reach them?

We have worked with so many online business owners who say the same thing, “Why is it not working?”

I KID YOU NOT, nine times out of ten it’s because they haven’t (really) defined their target audience.

So, let’s take a look at some ways you can start the process.

Step 1: Imagine yourself as your ideal customer.
And here’s the trick, do it in as much detail as possible.

Some questions you can ask include:

- How old are they? Are they married? Do they have children? Do they have pets?
- Are they male, female, agender, androgyne, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, nonbinary, or all of the above?
- Where are they located? Where do they live? Where do they work?
- Where do they like to spend their free time? What are their hobbies? What websites do they visit? What social media platforms are they on? What blogs do they read? What podcasts do they listen to? What books do they read? What shows do they watch?

You get the picture.

Step 2: Put yourself in their shoes.
Ask yourself, where is your customer in their life journey?

What are their needs, wants, desires? What are their problems, and what are the solutions that they are looking for?

Step 3: Create an avatar for your customer and give them a name.
This might sound silly, but when you put a name and a face to your customer, they become more solid, they become real.

Now, for EVERY SINGLE effort, you put in place, keep your customer avatar in mind.

Is your website suited to your avatar?

What images are going to grab your avatar’s attention? What language and tone will speak directly to your avatar?

What websites, blogs, podcasts, social media platforms will you spend your time and budget on to reach your avatar?

Here’s an extra bonus tip: Who influences your avatar’s decisions, and should you possibly target those people too?

See the benefit in (really) defining your target audience yet?

I’ll even put my (proverbial) money where my mouth is and demonstrate this (briefly) with our customer avatar.

For the sake of our practical example, I’ll call our avatar “Lee” (a safe, non-gender-specific name, BUT for the sake of ease I will refer to Lee as “he”, if you will forgive how very un-PC this is.)

- Lee is aged between 40-60, he could be a male or a female (or anything outside or in between).
- Lee could be married or single (or anything outside or in between).
- Lee could have children, or not. Lee could have pets, or not.
- Lee could live in the US, or the UK, or anywhere in Europe. (Honestly, he could probably live anywhere.)
- Lee is educated. He is a smart dude (or dudette. You know what I mean.) He has knowledge, he has skills, he adds real value to whatever he does.

Lee spends his free time dreaming of success. In fact, he spends most of his time (free or not) thinking about it.

He does whatever he can to achieve this success. He reads self-improvement books, he visits news websites and reads business blogs.

The most important thing about Lee is that he has an online business.

He started it when he realised that he was tired of putting his time and effort into making money for someone else.

Lee is now at the point where his business is not achieving the results he was hoping for. He is ready to take his business to the next level, and he needs help.

Does Lee sound familiar?

If you found yourself thinking, “Am I Lee?” then I have some pretty great news for you…

We might just be exactly what you were looking for.

See that button below? Click on it. (And you can thank me later.)

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