Choosing the Right Extension for your Domain

Your domain is the backbone of your online presence, so spending some time on coming up with an awesome one will have huge benefits down the road. Once you've decided on a short and catchy name, it's time to choose the extension.

What is the extension? Well, that is the part at the end of the URL, like .com, .org, .net and so on... There are a few things that you need to know before deciding on one.

They are priced differently. There are some strange ones available like .world, but try to steer clear of them. Having a great extension will have many benefits.

Your website will look more professional.

Your website will be easier to find.

Your website will come across as trustworthy.
This is especially good if your customers are going to be paying for your goods on your website.

So which one is the best? If you are moving your offline business online, then .com is the way to go. It originally stood for commercial sites, but websites in various fields now use it.

It is the most widely recognised one and Google loves it. .com is the oldest and largest domain name extension, which means that it receives favourable treatment on Google.

Read more on this here.

In our opinion, it is worth it to spend a bit extra on securing a .com extension. There is a reason that 495 of Fortune 500 companies choose .COM domains.

By choosing a .com extension, you're already setting up your move online for greatness. It is important to have this outlook throughout the process. Research each step thoroughly and make the best-informed choices. Make sure your website is optimised by going through this checklist on 'Essential Checkpoints For A High-Performing Landing Page'.

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