About Us

Find out what we're all about and get to know our awesome team.

About Us

Find out what we're all about and get to know our awesome team.

Who We Are

RightVert is a company who specializes in digital marketing, training and services. 

We are focused on helping businesses sell their products or services online. 

How? We use unique strategies to increase brand awareness and improve our clients ROI.

Experience the difference

Our team embodies an unequalled breadth of geographies, philosophies and abilities. Battle-won experience applied to measured metrics make us a formidable force on the digital marketing landscape.

We are on a mission of empowerment fueled by drive, passion and innovation.
RightVert is building a diverse and creative global team committed to unlocking human potential. Guided by unshakeable values, ethics and beliefs we aim to set a standard that will inspire others.
We foster a culture of collaboration and respect that brings together technology, people, products and data to allow the freedom for authentic, unique expression.
We guide and nurture individuals and businesses as they evolve via digital marketing, helping them thrive, prosper and have fun!
Our success is measured by your success. We are RightVert – Grow with Us.

Meet The Team


CEO and Founder

Radek began his business journey at the young age of 19 employing 12 people and working successfully alongside 65 other, well-established companies across the country. Shortly after, he took part in creating and operating over 20 other successful companies across Europe. Now he takes pride in helping the next generation of entrepreneurs begin their own journey of exciting business adventures.


Communication Specialist

A neuropsychology enthusiast turning knowledge into practical solutions. Multidisciplinary and multilingual background help her understand communication dynamic and support the company with smart processes. Vee has created and managed diversified business and non-profit ventures, successfully driving interest and sales while satisfying the stakeholders.


Financial Director

After graduating in management and accounting, she worked in Town Hall, stock brokerage house and banking, which allowed her to expand the knowledge. After that, she decided to join her husband's company and since then they successfully work together. She is very open and loves to travel and discover new places, their culture and especially the cuisine.


Facebook Ads Specialist

After earning my MSc in Business with Marketing Management from Northumbria University, I entered the digital world to explore my passion for buyer behaviour and brand dynamics. I have driven record sales for all the projects I was involved in, bringing palpable results and delighting stakeholders with my optimistic and ever-jolly personality.



My career has taken me from New Zealand to the UK before settling in Australia. I’ve been an Art Director then Creative Director for several ad agencies before finding my mojo as a Copywriter. Back when I cared about awards, I won a couple – but for effectiveness not looking pretty. Now it’s all about being part of a team that sets out to make a difference.


Social Media Manager and Web Designer

A social media manager who believes that life should be seen as a constant opportunity to study and expand on your skill set. With a wide array of skills and interests, Adriaan fits perfectly into the ever-changing world of social media. He has helped launch a plethora of businesses and worked on numerous marketing campaigns throughout his career in digital marketing.
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